Rules & Regulations

We Are A Fun and Friendly League

The goal and purpose of the Macon Adult Recreation Club is to provide fun and friendly competition in adult recreational sports. Each player should treat their fellow athletes, referees, spectators, and other staff with respect and courtesy at all times. Any profane or malicious comments directed at any of the aforementioned people will not be tolerated. Below is a code to live by, and failure to do so will result in an ejection from the game, suspension or even a permanent ban from the club.

General Guidelines

Code of Conduct

  • An umpire's call is final - no arguing
  • Be respectful to everyone - including umpires, teammates and even spectators
  • When a player gets knocked down, we pick them up
  • Win or lose, we always shake hands


  • Must Be 18 Years Old or Older
  • Must Be Registered Online
  • Must Sign A Team Waiver
  • Must Be Paid in Full by Week 3